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Cancellation and Refund Details

Suman Chapai

Suman Chapai

Tue Jan 24 2023

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Cancellation as a jargon in the realm of Himalayan Green is used to denote the action taken by customers if they don't desire to have an unpaid order item anymore. For something to be referred to as 'Cancellation', the user must have:

  1. Ordered the item.
  2. Must not have paid for the item.

This is to say that you can only cancel an order if you have not yet paid for the item. No cancellation fees are applied to 'Cancel' an order item.

If you are looking to cancel an order item that you've already paid for, we call that Refund. A refund can be requested for an order item from the time you've paid for your order item to the time you receive the order. This way, the constraints for refund are that:

  1. You must have already paid for the ordered item.
  2. If you have already received your ordered item, you can request a refund no later than at the time of receiving the ordered item.

Refund requests will be reviewed by the Himalayan Green support team before they are approved or declined. The client terms and conditions mention the cases in more detail, but they are always handled on a case-by-case basis and resolved via tri-party discussion (client, vendor, and shipping provider). Himalayan Green merely facilitates this discussion. Therefore, the amount of refund charges incurred is also subject to the nature of the case.