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Why Wellness?

Susmita Chapai

Susmita Chapai

Fri Jul 22 2022

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Well-being is a set of concepts of thought and at the same time giving extra care for your body with an appropriate environment to relieve your burdens and pain. How can you be happy if someone in your family or your pet boy is feeling sick and anxious, however, it affects you too. So, we want to live with an understanding of happiness together and it’s an energy of love and cares in a certain level of our mind and body with a better way to incorporate some extra nutrition into our food and as we go to sunshine each morning to clean our chakras.

Wellness is an individual pursuit and all activities are done daily with enough discipline will lead to a state of holistic health. As our body has struggled for millions of years of living practices with its basic requirement of elements found easy and free from mother earth.

Thousands of techniques and practices have been made to become healthy, and happy, and make our life easy. We have faced many disasters as a challenge, and finally, we learned we need to be nature friendly. We must stand in support of each other, food that we produce should be healthier, apart from that we go swimming, climb the mountain or walk to the forest for a healthy and happy day to kick off.

Let's experience what we eat and how it affects us. We know vegans are much healthier, fruits and vegetables are considered the basic food of human culture but where and how do you grow them, are we eating a healthy apple? Animals and birds do not become sick as humans unless we contaminate their habitats, they live in the present and we think about our past and future so it's a burden in a state of mind, we eat processed and refined food but eating raw and natural food is also considered for our wellness. Although Wellness is multidimensional; the main aspects of wellness are; Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Mental: The main source of wellness is our mind/ mental health and it includes emotions, and physiological and social well being which directly or indirectly impact our thought, feeling, and activities. The key to achieving the wellness of our mind is to control our emotions, reactions, and expectations. Doing some sorts of activities like meditation, yoga, walking in nature, eating well, and a healthy and nutritional balanced diet will deliver positive energy to our mind which boosts our mental wellness and improves our ability to stay focused.

Physical: Physical and mental wellness have an inter-relationship with each other. Physical wellness can be obtained at an optimum level through mental wellness. If an individual has mental stability then he/she gets that positive energy through mental wellness to accomplish physical wellness. Therefore, a healthy body can be brought off through exercise, nutrition, an adequate amount of sleep, and having a positive mindset.

Social: Having a harmonious relationship with every aspect of the environment with strong social networks like communication, connecting, interaction, and positive contribution to the life of people and communities with maximum utilization of the resources available in our society; which enhance the social life with mental stability, healthy body.

Spiritual: Balance between mental, physical, and social wellness leads to spiritual wellness and it is to find the purpose in life and achieve grateful mindfulness of your impact on the rest of the world.