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Sustainable harvesting.

Postaraj Chapai

Postaraj Chapai

Mon Jun 20 2022

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Wildcrafting or sustainable harvesting is natural harvesting of various medicinal plants, and forest grown products where our farming practice will be nature friendly, by a sustainable harvesting or wildcrafting practices.

Forest farming should be easy, by maintaining the further importance of rare local plants and creatures by keeping our soil healthy, in general increase forest growth and take the advantage, requires a diverse management skill, however it has to be less work to be done into the forest, specially pruning, mulching, and cleaning for a good harvest.

Himalayan forest has a multilayer canopy with healthy soil, where plants and animals have a tremendous relation each other, in the Himalayan white oak height shelter to a raspberry on the hillside, underneath, the love apple grows into the shadow of orchid and they are friendly each other and many more together, birds singing, bees roaming over nectar, flower to flower, where a forest deer is grazing along the bunchberry.

So, wildcrafting is a way to maintain the sunlight and shadow to grow various plants together for a sustainable harvesting, like in a fruit farm, some herbs and vegetables can be grown, significantly together.

Plants too, prefer to grow in each other's relations, where beneath an apple tree, blackberry, yam, ferns, and mushrooms, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon besides bee keeping in a mixed manner, in natural farming or a modern permaculture, also known as traditional Rishi Kheti or wildcrafting will keep the forest value safe.

Sometimes plants don't like each other because of the soil value will be different, so we priorities the existing local native plants, we want them all to grow happy and easy, a little care will help them to grow in a friendly manner, with the art of sustainable harvesting, it will multiply the forest growth, and it will also help to reserve valuable natural plants.