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Postaraj Chapai

Postaraj Chapai

Tue Nov 15 2022


Serving to the Himalayan community, a lifelong journey into the Himalayan mountains, "Himalayan Green" became a need, a consequence of livelihood concern to identify opportunity and live a life, instead.

When we realize there are some challenges toward local initiation for a quality product, lack of market approach and some policy, however we have focused to establish a new tradition of sustainable harvesting, skills management, and a marketing strategy of selected Himalayan products, our effort is to encourage nature friendly and forest products.

We believe our approach has to be for an equal distribution of local resources among our stakeholders, this will create an additional value by sharing the skill, idea and opportunity, which will play a significant role for our Green Economy.

There are several serious factors including sustainable forest and land management for a sustainability, we need to encourage sharing local skills and techniques for the Himalayan ecosystem conservation and their people's life to be raised, all we need to aware for a better conservation and people's life simultaneously, in other hand our local community are not yet ready to use the real values of the resources from their surroundings, their forest means some firewood, and cattle sometime, Now it is better to empower and encourage for overall Himalayan environment and biodiversity impacts, and affects our water, food, and shelter, for all habitats, instead we human are more vulnerable by raising heat, snow melting, deforestation,, migrant species basically caused by industrial pollution and factory food lifestyles, we need to regain those values, which can restore Himalayan biodiversity, by securing our livelihood concern locally.

Sustainable harvesting is a "art of living" it is about to doubling the value with less work, less harm to nature, and a sustainable market will encourage local's farms and enterprises, for a better self-help management, skills development and better income generation from the Green, which plays a major role in to the development by sustaining the peoples livelihood by using those value from our surrounding forest, it's an approach to measure the value of our own, emphasizing and encouraging local products, will maximize the benefits.

Back to the history, our initiation was adopted in 2005 by planting spicy, fruits and local herbals into 2100 meters high, within the Himalayan oak forest canopy, with a concept of Agri Tourism, again In 2021 we addressed promoting other rich subtropical fruits with valued herbs by aiming to conserve Himalayan love apple, forest ginseng, various fruits, berry my managing local ecosystem, with multilayer sustainable farming technique along tourism, latter in a year when our farm becomes an open dry cattle grazing land, lack of poor community support, and insist, we were not able to develop it for longer, it was a lesson learned to start something better, in 2022 Himalayan Green attempt towards sustainable Green Economy considering to reduce our trade deficit by promoting those established valued product in to the market, by acknowledging that the Himalayan Green has tremendous best-valued, and they are disappearing day by day, With a little extra care, we can not only preserve them but also can multiply the production, it need better skill and some efforts by the locals for their sustainable revenue sources.

Himalayan Green mountains are only the major source of rich herbs, minerals, and superfoods, they are an infinite source of water, superfood, medicine, however, lack of proper harvesting skill still a challenge for the local to save and develop our reliable natural resources for our local, enterprises and industries products and supplies of authentic Himalayan nature-friendly products.

Himalayan Green Marketplace is an open opportunity for every trusted product for all consumer and small-scale to larger industry production. We are introducing established Nepali products into the domestic and international market, with maximizing the value and encouraging the locals, as well as caring back to the environment, for people's health and happiness, a step towards the sustainable Green Economy.

Himali Green marketplace will strengthen local communities, enterprises, and farmers, our customers can enjoy nature-friendly Himalayan products easily, and we believe Himalayan Green Member app is one of our powerful tools to support the locals.