Resources Why sustainability is not enough?

Why sustainability is not enough?

Postaraj Chapai

Postaraj Chapai

Sat Jun 18 2022


The practice of utilizing nature resources to meet our needs of healthy daily supply and conserving natural for a sustainable environment.

By not harming to the nature or without degradation and deforestation, we can still harvest the best forestry products.

But what is considered a healthy nature? Is only sustainable practice sufficient? These are the major topic of concern in today's sustainable practice.

Hence, sustainable management practice and sustainable regeneration are two sides of a coin, correspondence with each other. Sustainable management is a well-managed forest activity, where we can maximize its benefits, in other hand, regeneration is not only to avoid damages and to repair, let them to revive and restore what has been lost from our ecosystem.

Himalayan Green challenges are to keep healthy soil, however human behavior is often against the nature, it has caused us to pay back a lot, much to be done, to become free from toxic and harmful chemical intakes, saving native medicinal plants and species, saving a life is not easy, everyone should concern about the Himalayas ecosystem and all along to the marine ecosystem, it has affected badly with unmanaged human settlements and industrial disaster which has caused ecological and environment risk for a happy and healthy life.

Here not much to debate about nature conservation because 2030 is the fossil oil ends era begins and the alternative remains back to nature, then how much we can produce from the toxic soil and for how long with a good health to live, if we no more concern about global warming, ice melting, raising sea, forest fires, landslides and dryness causes to the disappearance of living creatures and species.

How can we excuse ourselves for the challenge of every living thing that has been affected by human behaviors and their wrong practices, although we look on the bright side with less harm and a little support to mankind by sharing the nature friendly gift of our recognized farm and forest products, as they are essential for all of us to contribute a little, back to the nature.

We can revive the soil health with a disciple mankind, a little knowledge, a human culture with the nature, it should be loud, and combat industrialized toxic production, zero emission, including chemical weapons.

How can we imagine, there is no room left for all of us to live easy, when we are struggling for survival, fighting against each other, when the future of our own human culture of freedom and justice won't be safe for us to live together.

let's not go too far from the imaginary world, how much we have done for our day to start today? with enough fresh air, sunlight, and clean water perhaps it is also determined by how much snow has left in the Himalaya? However, there are potential opportunities with every possibility along the difficulties, as the Himalayan rivers meet to the ocean and vaporized back to shower green forest, the first and last habitable roof on earth.

We encourage people to find better life with medicinal herb and natural food by less harming to the creatures on earth.

Let's make it happen together, we seek your contribution using nature-friendly and healthy products.